Pittsburgh, PA – November 14th, 2002 -- Decision Coaches is pleased to announce the acquisition of all rights to the well known AliahTHINK!™ software suite originally developed by Aliah, Inc. The AliahTHINK!™ suite has become an integral part of Decision Coaches goal to increase our customers’ rate with winning new products as well as winning new proposals through coached
decision making. Formerly, Decision Coaches utilized the AliahTHINK!™ software under a licensing agreement with Aliah, Inc.

“Ownership of the AliahTHINK!™ suite now gives Decision Coaches the flexibility to further develop and web enable the robust functionality of the AliahTHINK!™ software to suit our growing customer list and future direction. Aliah, Inc spent years perfecting the approach, now we at Decision Coaches are going to leverage it further by marrying it with professional coaches to help our customers institutionalize this approach for their most critical business decisions.” says Aly Abulleil, founder of Decision Coaches, Inc.

Customers too, see the benefit. “Decision Coaches is now well positioned to help organizations minimize their risk and make more powerful decisions by providing the right mix of tools, workshops, and the all important coaching, to help organizations like us make swift, insightful, and confident decisions that determine our future.” Another customer pointed out, “The ever increasing pace of business requires informed, adaptive, and decisive organizations. A web enabled AliahTHINK!™ application combined with the right mix of coaching will enable organizations to elevate their decision-making to compete in this environment. This is exciting!”

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